The CEO, Nicole Gianola, has been operating in the event planning creative industry for 8 plus years. Nicole started as an independent contractor in the Entertainment world and has worked with and beside the greatest Artists and Entrepreneurs in Hollywood. From her time working in Hollywood, Nicole has done event planning for a wide spectrum of events from book release parties, music album release parties, weddings, and large ballroom seminars with sponsorships. There hasn't been an event that she wasn't able to conquer even with the smallest amount of time frame given. She is a force in this industry and is able to make the events unforgettable for the hosts and guests.

Nicole Gianola meets with clients to work out event details, plan with the client and their team, scout and book locations, food, entertainment, staff and cleanup. Nicole knows that every little detail counts when planning an event. She will create budgets and stick to them, as well as organize transportation, hire and wrangle keynote speakers or celebrities, hire A/V teams and equipment, and generally make sure the event runs smoothly, efficiently and handle any crisis that may come up. Nicole is amazing at problem solving on the spot in a calm manner and makes sure that the event is run so smoothly that no one even notices if a crisis were to arise.


"A goal without a plan is just a wish." 



The CFO, Derek Gianola, husband of Nicole Gianola, is a team oriented leader with ten years of finance & managerial experience with an emphasis on clear communication and understanding, encouraging employee productivity through collaborative team leading, while increasing customer satisfaction at the heart of maximizing revenue.




The Event Director, Ryan Gianola, acts as an on-site contact to lead host and guests for events, while maintaining effective communication with leadership team to ensure all requests are executed according to contract.

Throughout Ryan's life, one theme has always been prominent in directing his decisions and passion: Hospitality. With over 5 years of experience managing some of the best well run restaurants across the country with the Hillstone Restaurant Group, Ryan understands and knows how to implement systems and set standards in place to accomplish the end all goal of impressing others. When it comes to operations, tenacity to completing a goal and turning problematic issues into impressive solutions, Ryan is up to any challenge in the event planning industry.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduating from The Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management as well as Recreation and Tourism Management, Ryan has been involved in event planning through a variety of roles. From coordinating some of the largest USTA youth tennis tournaments in the greater Pittsburgh area and developing and planning events for the Jewish population in B'nai B'rith Youth Organization and Penn State Hillel, any event idea he has had the opportunity to develop, he has found a way to result into memorable experiences. Together, with his sister-in-law Nicole Gianola, they are confident that their dynamic qualities will make your event dreams turn into your reality.



The Brand Ambassador, Jenee Gianola, builds brand recognition, and successfully promotes Gianola Events. She communicates and engages with potential clients, in meaningful ways to increase our company's brand awareness and generates new bookings! Jenee has outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal. She has an engaging, outgoing and approachable personality. She has a passion for meeting new people and helps engage on our social media platforms and campaigns.